New York City Business SMART News and Announcements

New York City Business SMART is a group of professionals whose businesses focus on sustainability, ethical and social responsibility, environmentalism and the triple bottom line.
SMART’s goal is to help members build vibrant, sustainable businesses through networking, sharing information. If you wish to join us please visit our LinkedIn group.
The group was founded in August 2009 by Bruce Kersten, owner of Savant Creative Group, a marketing communications firm serving ethical, sustainable and green businesses.

Most Recent Meeting Summary

Our last roundtable meeting  consisted of a special Climate Week NYC presentation about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by noted legal consultant, Chipo Nyambuya entitled  “Corporate Social Responsibility 2.0”  You can view her presentation here.

Thank you. Chipo for a great and informative evening!

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Aggregated Sustainability News Headlines & Articles

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